The Magical Benefits of Alkaline Water

Everyone always asks me….What’s the secret to your glowing skin?!!

One of my main answers is a healthy alkaline diet!

Purchasing an alkaline water ionizer was the BEST purchase I have ever made! (

My ionizer cleans my fruits and vegetables (removing pesticides and herbicides), I make meals and drinks with it (to make them healthier and more flavorful), and I drink it all day and night (to keep me energized and hydrated)!  The key is trying to drink 3 liters of alkaline water every day!  This will keep you hydrated right down to the cellular level.  A healthy alkaline diet creates a healthy pH balance, which in turn assists in keeping all eleven body systems working properly and happily!

GET THIS:  I decided one day to give my flowers alkaline water instead of tap water because if I’m drinking it and feeling fabulous, then they should too!  They lasted TWICE as long with alkaline water than tap water!!!


Light & LOVE,