We use an organic tanning product that is FDA approved to give you a safe, healthy tan!  The solution does not contain alcohol or fragrances and is paraben free, providing a natural looking glow without any damages to the skin.  The tanning application takes about 5 minutes and an additional 5 minutes for drying.  Lasts 6-10 days depending on your preparation and maintenance routines.

Preparing for your spray tan:

  • Any waxing and shaving should be done 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Exfoliate your entire face and body with a non-greasy scrub using a washcloth or loofah.
  • Do not wear lotion, deodorant, perfume or makeup.
  • Wear comfortable, dark colored cotton clothing.
  • Bring or wear a dark swimsuit or undergarment(s) and flip flops to your session.


Maintaining Your Spray Tan:

  • After your spray tan, avoid showering, swimming, or heavy perspiring for eight hours.  Any wetness will stop the action of the DHA (the ingredient that makes you tan).
  • Be sure not to wash hands for eight hours.
  • Wash your body with your hands for a week.  No loofahs or washcloths.
  • Moisturize after every shower to prolong your tan.  Avoid lotions with mineral oils because they will fade your tan.


Spray Tan


*To ensure best tanning results, consult the before and after care routine tips.

* Depending on requirements prices may change. For more details call 315.412.5227 or Send Request