Beauty Bites

When it comes to your skin, the most important part is the food you put into your body. Anything you put into your body shows through your skin. I want to share with you my delicious beauty creation, beauty bites! They are a nutrient-packed snack that are dairy and soy free with no artificial preservatives or sweeteners.  Beauty bites are jam packed with only the best superfoods to enhance your skin, hair, nails, and overall health. I created these bites of joy to energize you and help balance your mind and body naturally. Each ingredient has a purpose:


Almonds– Improve, nourish and repair the skin

Hemp Seeds– Contain all your essential amino acids, chlorophyll, omegas and protein needed for hair, skin and bone health

Coconut Flour– High in protein and fiber, as well as providing an energy boost

Coconut Oil– Promotes healthier hair and skin

Chia Seeds– Loaded with omegas, antioxidants, and protein, as well as extremely hydrating to nourish your skin

Bee Pollen– Rejuvenates your complexion

Honey– Improves digestion and strengthens your immune system

Royal Jelly– Improves collagen production

Cinnamon– Boosts your metabolism

Maca– Energizes you naturally, balances hormones, strengthens hair and reduces hair loss

Vanilla Bean– High in calcium, fiber and iron

Cacao Powder– Loaded with vital minerals and antioxidants needed to protect your skin from free radical damage

Himalayan Sea Salt– Promotes healthy pH balance in your body